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The event people will rave about all year.

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Book a critically acclaimed professional who has delivered an interactive, mind-altering experience to tens of thousands of people for nearly three decades.


Bill consistently stuns audiences across the nation with his live stage show by providing an experience that exceeds all expectations.

“Bill knows what you are thinking… sometimes even before you do.”

Speaker & Trainer

Bill Gladwell helps you develop and master strong social skills, meet people, and get more of what you want.

“Think ‘How to Win Friends & Influence People’ but updated, hipper, and more effective.”

Personal Coach

What is the one thing about yourself that if you could change or improve it would make your life different?

Using hypnosis and NLP™, Bill helps you take your life in the direction that you would like it to go.

Satisfied Clients

“I have seen countless shows over my many years of travel. Never have I been so entertained. Bill Gladwell is a MUST-SEE!!!.”


“Bill’s show is very unique. I spent the whole time either laughing or trying to figure out how Bill does what he does. It was quick paced and entertaining.”


“I encourage anyone and everyone to see Bill perform… you will be entertained, amazed, and awed!!! Thank you, Bill, for a wonderful evening.”


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