Who is Bill Gladwell?

Hands Bill SM.jpg

On the surface…

I am my kids' dad, an entrepreneur, an entertainer, an actor, a corporate consultant, a friend, an author, a dating guru, a leading expert in hypnosis and influence, a coach, a speaker, a teacher, a trainer, a role model, a musician, an artist… and a funny, outrageous, and adventurous guy.

On a deeper level…

I am a confident and passionate man who is driven and committed to be the best at whatever I set my mind to.

I believe with enough flexibility, vision, drive, and resourcefulness, I will be in the top 5% of any category I choose to experience.

My life is guided by the beat of my own drum.  Too many times I have been told that I could not accomplish something or that I would fail or that I was making the absolute worst decision.  I have learned that these statements are made out of fear and limited belief systems on the part of the people telling me.  I have accomplished things that others view as impossible.

When other people view what I do as “jumping into something too fast”, I see it as an opportunity to experience what most people never do… a truly fairy tale life with stories and experiences that others believe will never happen to them.

It does not matter which side has the greener grass, I live my life on the side that feels right to me.

Honesty is very important to me, and I trust others to be honest.  If someone proves themselves to be dishonest, untrustworthy, unethical, or simply unkind; I find it rather easy to walk away without looking back.  Although I forgive others easily, I do not surround myself with people who choose to sabotage the quality of life I deserve and am designing.

My funny yet loving, giving, and caring nature combined with my exceptional ability to influence, lead, and teach others allows me to satisfy one of my basic needs… to feel significant while making a positive difference in the world and in the lives of others.

I find it easy to be all of these things, because of my persistent optimism and “happy” view of the world.  Because I view the world through these filters, I am very outgoing… wanting to always experience unique adventures and meet new people.

Perhaps most importantly, I am grateful.  I am grateful for the things I have, the things I can do, and for the people in my life… family, friends, clients, and all those lives I have or will touch.