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Make a Change

When people think of hypnosis, they typically think of losing weight and stopping smoking, but there is so much more you can accomplish.

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Improve a Skill

Everyone has at least one thing that they wish they could do better… like making more sales or improving your golf game or being a better spouse.

Bill’s favorite aspect of what he does is helping people be the best at what they do.

Get Some Coaching

Do you feel that something must change, but you are not quite sure what? Discover the aspects of yourself that when eliminated, changed, or improved will enhance you life.

Then design the path that you want to travel without the fight with willpower.


Bill's Average Client Success Rate Since 1989


Bill's Commitment to Helping People Be Their Best

Average Number of People Bill Has Coached per Year (Total: 21,286)


Your Chance of Success If You Do Nothing About It Now

“You have changed how I see the world, how I approach my practice, and how I view myself. I appreciate so much your time these past six months.”

John C. Crutchfield

“Bill is deserving of my strongest recommendation. He is one of the few people selected to be a trainer for the Society of Applied Hypnosis.”

Jeffrey Richards

“That is the quickest and clearest I have gone to the theatre of my mind – I am so looking forward to spending 25 minutes with your voice every day!”

AJ Perry

“Bill’s Golf Hypnosis is fantastic. I can’t believe the results after the first 25 minutes of listening. Wow! You remain a skeptic, and I’ll meet you at the course.”

David McCreary

“I was a skeptic about hypnosis. I’m a scientist who likes hard data and proof that X causes Y. Since our sessions, however, I have felt fanfuckin’tastic!”

Dr. Jennifer Brandt

Bill Explains How You Already Use

Hypnosis Every Day in Every Conversation

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to Help You Relieve Some Stress 

People Begin Working With Bill in One of Four Ways

Live Online Video Sessions — Work with Bill in live online video sessions along with supplemental hypnosis audio programs. 

Standard Hypnosis Audio Downloads — Get pre-recorded hypnosis audio programs designed for the general population.

Personalized Hypnosis Audio Downloads — Bill will gather the details of your particular challenge and write, record, edit, and produce a hypnosis audio program specifically for you.

Face-To-Face Sessions — This used to be the primary way of working with Bill. Over the last 8 years, people’s preferences have changed a lot. However, Bill still conducts face-to-face sessions for anyone who wants to meet in person.

Bill's Success Rate With Various Methods and Initial Client Mindsets

  • Live Online Video Sessions (Skype, FaceTime, Hangouts, etc) 96% 96%
  • Standard Hypnosis Audio Downloads 87% 87%
  • Personalized Hypnosis Audio Downloads 92% 92%
  • Face-To-Face Sessions 98% 98%
  • “I’ve Tried Everything Else” 88% 88%
  • “I’ve Never Used Hypnosis Before” 97% 97%

“If any hypnotist, coach, guru, or mental healthcare professional tells you that they can guarantee that you will accomplish your goal, they are lying to you.”

I do promise you that I will provide you with a vehicle to get you where you want to go, but you are the one behind the wheel.

3 Steps to Getting the Results You Want

1. Schedule a Call With Bill

Let’s find out what you want or need and determine if there is a fit.

2. Design a Plan

Together, we will design a plan focused on your desired outcome.

3. Celebrate the New You

Follow your plan’s recommended schedule and exercises to achieve what you want.

Schedule a Time to Talk With Bill Now

Booking a hypnotist can be a difficult decision. Bill will put your mind at ease.

Please, ask any questions you may have.

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