My Grandpa Used to Sing This Song to Me When I Was Little

by | Nov 29, 2018 | Letters from Bill | 0 comments

My grandpa used to sing this song to me when I was young. The 1920s is the furthest back that I can trace a version of this song. If you know any details of this song, please leave a comment below.

I was standing on the corner
Doin’ a little harm
Along came a policeman
And took me by the arm

He took me to the station
And rang a little bell
Out came a police patrol
And took me to my cell

I woke up the next morning
And looked upon the wall
The cooties and the bedbugs
Were playing a game of ball

The score was six to nothin’
The cooties were ahead
The bedbugs hit a hunting home run
And knocked me out of bed

They took me down to breakfast
The bread was hard and stale
The coffee tasted like tobacco juice
Right from the county jail

The Indian rubber beefsteak
Had disconnect cheese
My weenie did a flip-flop
And landed in my peas

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