"Hey! Look At Me!" - Episode 4 - Comedian Tyrone Davis

This episode, I sit down with Comedian Tyrone Davis.

Tyrone has entertained audiences all over the Country. His high energy and "Take No Prisoners" attitude has made him a Standout among Stand-ups. Whether he's talking about his family or politics, you never know where he's going until he gets there; but, you will enjoy the ride! Some of his credits include TV and Radio; and shared performances with the likes of Todd Yohn, Spanky Brown, Killer Beaz, Bruce Bruce and many more. He has also traveled to entertain our troops in Kuwait and Iraq.

Tyrone and I talk about a common theme here on the Podcast... the importance of having a mic in your hand as much as possible, how 90-minutes of The Amazing Kreskin is enough for a lifetime, and how Comedian Todd Yohn helped him get started.

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