2/4-Walling Workshop (recorded the day following MINDvention 2016) [Audio Program]

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MINDvention 2016 Workshop.png

2/4-Walling Workshop (recorded the day following MINDvention 2016) [Audio Program]


Are you an entertainer?

Imagine what it would be like to perform in a venue several evenings a week on a long-term contract with the audiences coming to you. That is exactly why entertainers hire Bill Gladwell to consult for them.

This program contains the highlights of a 4-hour workshop conducted the day following MINDvention 2016 in Las Vegas.

Bill has written and produced several critically acclaimed theater shows, had the #1 show out of 60+ shows in Eastern Tennessee for several years, had the #1 on Hilton Head Island, and is now playing weekly at a performing arts center in the Phoenix area.

Bill does not teach you theory. Bill teaches you what he did to find a venue and take his show to #1 multiple times. You will learn what happens in the real world.

This program covers...

  • What is 2- and 4-Walling?
  • How to choose a venue that is right for you and your show.
  • Who do you contact at the venues you would like to play?
  • How do you land an initial meeting; and more importantly, how do you sell the venue on your idea?
  • What is most important to the venue?
  • Creating a show that will bring people back again and again.
  • Mastering TripAdvisor. How to receive top ratings and climb to #1.
  • Marketing your show.
  • And much more.

NOTE: Upon successful payment, you will receive an e-mail to a link to download a file. The file is a PDF, and this PDF contains the instructions and link to download the program.

If you have any challenges downloading the program, please contact Bill via the Contact page. He will personally make sure that you get these files downloaded and in use.

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